cardiac insitute palm beach

As part of our Consortium family, rediscover an old-fashioned type of healthcare, where all of your cardiac needs will be tended to with attention, care, and thoughtfulness. Dr. Fenster is the only doctor in our practice and the only cardiologist taking care of our patients in the hospital (barring vacations and periodic weekends). From advocating during hospital stays, to coordinating care, to community outreach, lectures, and more, so many of our patients depend upon us during their times of need in Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter.

What can you expect as a member?

Time. One-on-one time with only Dr. Fenster every time you come to our office. Time to discuss your cardiac issues and questions in detail – without nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, or junior physicians.

Care coordination. Advocacy with all of your doctors and family members, in and out of the hospital; reaching your other doctors when you can’t; explaining your conditions to you and your children; organizing care at every level and in any location. A dedicated clinical care coordinator to assure the finest continuum of care at all times.

Humanity. Humans compassionately answering your phone calls and connecting you to Dr. Fenster directly and immediately after hours (except for vacations and periodic weekends). Staff who know your name and your history. No call centers, no message machines, no factory.

Real-life care. The only cardiologist specializing only in patients 65 and older in the northern Palm Beaches, Dr. Fenster gives you personal time at every appointment tailoring your care to you – not some insurance-based protocol. Discussing trials and experiences from medical journals, memoirs, and books written by other internationally-renown experts, Dr. Fenster gives you a broad, personal perspective on the best years of your life.

Independence. Over 90% of physicians’ practices are owned by private companies now. The only way to retain control over which doctor you see, have him follow you in the hospital, and speak with him – not a call center – in an emergency is to see a solo and independent physician like Dr. Fenster.

For information on how to become a member of the Consortium at the Cardiac Institute of the Palm Beaches, please contact us at (561)296-5225.