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An exclusive series of programs from Dr. Jeffrey S. Fenster

At Cardiac Institute of the Palm Beaches, PA, our focus is you and achieving a healthy heart & lifestyle. Being a cardiologist doesn’t just mean prescribing medications or procedures when you’re not feeling well. It means helping you live a healthier life now – including teaching you how to take control of your health and make better choices starting today.

Dr. Fenster believes that the best thing he could possibly do for his patients and the community is to help find a way to live each day a little better and healthier. In his years of practice, Dr. Fenster has learned that people have difficulty starting or staying the course to living a healthy lifestlye. Yet every person must be proactive in his or her own healthcare – great quality of life is in our own hands! Dr. Fenster’s credo is Everything in Moderation. More than anything, that’s what he hopes to pass on to his patients: Life should be fun, exercise should feel good, and living well should bring you ultimate satisfaction. For this reason, Dr. Fenster reached out to most of the country club fitness directors to create a fitness program that’s beneficial and fun, offering the tools that can take people far into their golden years. Patients should now have the ability to go to their fitness centers, have a cardiac-safe program tailored just for them, and ask that the trainer send his or her notes to our office for inclusion in the patient’s medical records.

Additionally, the Palm Beach Heartstrong Program has begun its most ambitious projects yet, getting involved in the community. In partnership with the city of Palm Beach Gardens, Dr. Jeffrey Fenster is sponsoring weekly, free tai chi lessons at 8am on Sundays at the city GreenMarket at City Hall. Taught by a master in tai chi and qi gong, the Palm Beach Heartstrong tai chi classes are appropriate for all ages and abilities. Also, most proudly, Dr. Fenster has instituted the Palm Beach Heartstrong Program at the Max S. Fisher Boys & Girls Club in Riviera Beach. Serving approximately 300 Title 1 children year-round, the “Max” offers after-school and summer programming for children ages 6-18. Programming at the Max has included nutrition and fitness classes for the youngest and boot camps for the oldest. Dr. Fenster’s most significant achievement, though, is the Palm Beach Heartstrong Garden, with 5 plots of organic fruits and vegetables, cultivated and harvested by the children with the help of a master gardener. Now coordinated with the University of Florida, the Heartstrong Garden is flourishing! Dr. Fenster hopes to continue to offer new programming on an ongoing basis to these beautiful children and their families.

With Palm Beach Heartstrong, Dr. Fenster hopes to provide his patients with an easy, no-stress, enjoyable path to good health for the whole community.

For more information about Palm Beach Heartstrong, please contact the Cardiac Institute of the Palm Beaches at (561) 296-5225.