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An exclusive program for the patients of Dr. Jeffrey S. Fenster

At Cardiac Institute of the Palm Beaches, PA, our focus is you and achieving a healthy heart & lifestyle. Being a cardiologist doesn’t just mean prescribing medications or procedures when you’re not feeling well. It means helping you live a healthier life now – including teaching you how to take control of your health and make better choices starting today.

The best thing I could possibly do for my patients and our community is to help find a way to live each day a little better and healthier. In my years of practice, I’ve learned that people have difficulty starting or staying the course to living a healthy lifestlye. Yet we all must be proactive in our own healthcare – great quality of life is in our own hands! My credo is Everything in Moderation. More than anything, that’s what I hope to pass on to you: Life should be fun, exercise should feel good, and living well should bring you ultimate satisfaction. For this reason, I reached out to your country club fitness director to create a fitness program that’s beneficial and fun, offering you the tools that can take you far into your golden years.

With Palm Beach Heartstrong, I hope to provide my patients with an easy, no-stress, enjoyable path to good health. Starting with this program, discounted by your club exclusively for my patients and providing feedback to my office, Palm Beach Heartstrong can be the beginning of the best you possible!

Thank you for joining me on this journey to great health!

For more information about Palm Beach Heartstrong, please contact your club’s fitness director or our office at (561) 296-5225.